Since the first vinification process carried out by Tommaso in 1983, the history of our winery has continued with a clear and strong desire for experimentation and empirical research, under the guidance of a constantly evolving personality. Innovating processing techniques, in the vineyard and in the wine cellar, is our daily challenge, without straying from tradition. Year after year, we try to enhance what our land gives us to make wines that represent us.

During the harvesting period we pick our grapes strictly by hand, carefully selecting each bunch, starting with the grapes to be dried and then the grapes destined for immediate pressing. 

Lastly, our commitment to the land results in using natural methods, from fertilising the soil to pest prevention. We love our land and respect it by trying to exploit what nature gives us every day, producing excellent wines using a long process that involves patience within the limits and potential of each one of our vines.