Amarone della Valpolicella Classico D.O.C. "TB" 2001

Grape mix:
Corvina, Corvinone, 75%
Rondinella, 20%
Cabernet F., Dindarella, Croatina, Molinara, 5%


The grapes already harvested and selected in our vineyards indicated a crop of exceptional quality. Laid to dry on mats in the middle of September 2001 until the middle of January 2002, the fruit underwent a major drying process, arriving at a sugar level of 27/28 degrees Babo, some 50% higher than undried grapes (around 300 g/l of sugars). Following a fermentation of 55 days with frequent pumpings over the wine was racked and placed in a stainless steel tank for 10 days. It was then racked again and put into 12 25 hectolitre barrels of Slavonian and French oak, having at this stage a residual sugar level of 40 g/l. Here it remained for 36 months on fine lees while it slowly finished fermenting. Racking and assemblage followed, bottling taking place in March 2006. It was then allowed to rest for four months before being offered on the market.


Of this wine there are about 8,000 bottles.




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